May 21, 2022
August 23, 2022



Key Facts


Pet Name Calee
Pet Age 2.5 years
Pet Parent Danielle
Pet Breed Tabico
Favorite Toy rings from gallons of milk!




Message from Calee


Hi, I’m Calee! My mom adopted me from a local rescue 2 years ago, right before this pandemic thing. Unfortunately I was the only survivor of my litter, as my mom and siblings all succumbed to distemper. I am told I’m a “special” girl, I overcame distemper myself, was born with cerebellar hypoplasia then had my eye removed due to severe infection at 3 months old. None of that stops me from living life to the fullest now though, I enjoy torturing my 2 fur siblings, having zoomies and getting into trouble on a daily basis. My favorite activities are biting ankles, torturing my big brother, chasing bugs, and laying in the sun. Thanks for reading, and please adopt, don’t shop!


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