Staff Unleashed


Maggie Mae

Maggie is the true driving force behind Treats Unleashed. She is like an old soul — calm, wise, and always in control. When we first opened the doors in 1998 she would greet everyone that came in. Now, in her later years, everyone seems to seek her out. We try to watch her waistline but she knows which customers will give in to her sad eyes and she will bark at them until they relent with a treat. (Photo by Karen Murphy)


Billy was the next addition to our staff. He lives in the store with his sister Rosie. As he swaggers up the aisle, it’s obvious that he is the coolest cat on the planet. He knows no bounds, and you will often be surprised by where you see him. He may be on the top shelf of the dog food rack, weaving through the bags of cat food, or taking a snooze on some of the more comfy merchandise. He is a cat that wants attention on his terms and he is not affectionate with everyone. If he has asked for or allowed you to give him attention, you can feel truly privileged for in his eyes, you’re special.



Rosie was the last edition to the staff. She is less than half of Billy’s size at just under five pounds. She is so soft that she feels like a chinchilla. She loves attention. You will often find customers carrying her around as they browse the store. We’ve often thought about putting a security tag on her to make sure she doesn’t leave the building without our knowledge. She has beautiful green eyes. They are slightly crossed so she isn’t as adventurous as Billy. You will often find her at the front counter either begging for crunchies or watching the birds and the butterflies on the cat sitter video. (Photo provided by Wild Eye Photos)